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Sonus faber
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Aida by Sonus faber now available for a truly amazing listening experience.
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"Sonus Faber Aida speakers are a fine example of Italian craftsmanship. It is a perfect combination of technical and aesthetic craftsmanship and can mesmerize the audiences and audiophiles alike. Not only Italian leather craft but their cars, suits and watches have admirers around the world and now these acoustic speakers have something special that cannot be described in words. The Aida future speakers have multi layered cross-grained okume plywood cabinet and have been created as a tribute to the Cremonese school of violin makers. These speakers also have large orchestral formations of sound.

The lute shape of the speaker attracts you immediately. The shape is not only attractive but is known to assist the perfect amount of dampening of sound. It also helps reduce the levels of sound vibration. The speaker that has a floor standing design is made from hand selected wood and is finished with seven layered lacquer. The finish is very smooth and is resistant to corrosion. More than an audio equipment, the speaker looks like a piece for home décor and will match any formally decorated room, particularly those that have vintage style of upholstery.

The speakers have 25 Hz – 30 KHz frequency response range. There are other components that make the sound of the speaker superior. It has 29mm ultra-dynamic linearity classic Ragnar Lian coil tweeter, 179mm ultra-dynamic linearity driver for mid-range, 220mm aluminum-magnesium alloy cone woofers with coaxial anti-compressor for zero cavity resonance and distortions." - elitechoice

Keeping it REL - "Do One Thing. Do It Perfectly."

Boulder Audio 850 Mono Power Amplifier

You don’t have to be a professional musician to expect great things from your bass. If you enjoy listening to music or watching movies on a home theatre system, a REL sub-bass system may be just what you’re looking for. For more than ten years REL has concentrated on just one product—creating the perfect subwoofer. That’s all they produce because they believe in doing one thing—and doing it perfectly.

Richard E. Lord, the company’s founder, stands behind every subwoofer they produce—and he better since his initials (REL) are on everything they make! Passionate about using components that go beyond industry standards, Lord realizes that any design, no matter how impressive, is only as good as the mechanisms that go into it.

REL’s approach—using patented ABC crossovers and a unique, high-level cable—is different from many other subwoofer companies The result? A subwoofer that fills your home or studio with perfect bass. Plus, the solid construction and attractive design keeps you focused on the music without compromising your personal style.

REL’s products speak for themselves. We urge you to try them out for yourself. Contact The Sound Experience today to learn more REL or to schedule a free demonstration. We’re convinced you’re going to love what you hear.

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